The story of Libidinis and Affectus

This is an english short story about the two angels Libidinis (which means "lust" in latin) and Affectus (which means "affections" in latin) and their passion and love for each other. OBS! Be aware that this story will be uncencored and in no way intendet to be read by yungsters!
Denne fortælling er IKKE egnet for børn. Læses den alligevel af børn er det på eget ansvar! Jeg HAR advaret!


3. The sin of love

Tired. I was so tired. The sun strained me and I was not able to use my powers to recover. When an angel recovers they usually use their powers. My power is lust. I cheat others to get lustful, but only to get some energy. Usually I let them get lustful and then I will take my leave. But to make Affectus lustful would strain me more than it would recover me. Leaving him alone when he was lustful.. it would simply be too tempting. Never in my long life had I felt this strong lust for someone. Though his brightness blinded me and hurt my eyes; his body still tempted me and made every part of my body tense.

A gasp made its way out through my pressed lips. Just the thought of him made me clap my teeth hard together. And just as I had ended that thought; he came to see me. He brought me the fluent nutrition in the golden cup. I hated gold and shiny things. With shaking hands I reached up after the cup, but since I told myself not to look at him, I did not see what would happen. Slowly I wrapped my hand around the cup, just when he was about to let go of it.

Since I could not bear to look at him, the tip of my finger slightly brushed over one of his fingers. A fire burned through my body and I quivered. The glass went to the ground with no sound. The liquid brewed out colouring the white cloud with a golden colour. Again I gasped and faintly I looked up at him and saw, to my surprise; that he was staring at me in complete chock. Slowly he sat down beside me – still staring blankly at me. He knew of my feelings now. For God’s sake, he was Affectus. He could tell what I felt by my simple touch.

Slowly he moved towards me and I crumpled back against the wall behind me. The chains around my wrists tensed and a small sweat sprinkled on my forehead. He tortured me. “You want me?” he asked in a shaky voice as he leaned towards me. A slow nod was all I could give him as I gasped. He was so close now. Too close. I wanted to give in, but the chains around my wrists nearly cut through me skin and I could not feel my hands. Then he kissed me. A passionate kiss. My body burned and my lips felt limb. Slowly he moved away again. “I should leave,” was all he said and then he was gone. But I felt stronger now. I had felt his lust for me and I had drawn energy from it.

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