Milly-Rose is Cody Simpson's best friend, she's had a crush on him since the day they met almost three years ago. What happens when Cody likes someone else, who will never like him the same way back?


1. Milly's Point of View

‘She can't see the way your eyes Light up when you smile’

“Milly, you know I love you” Cody said to me, smiling his goofy smile. “As a friend” He quickly added onto the end. “I know you do” I faked a smile, hoping he couldn’t see through me.

“Come on, we promised Beth we’d meet her in half an hour” Cody grabbed hold of my arm, dragging me along the streets of Oklahoma. We’d been in Oklahoma for a couple of days, spending time with Beth.

“Cody, I can walk myself” I told him, trying to shrug his grip off me.

“Then move faster” He laughed, tightening his grip around my arm.

“If you tighten that hand around my arm even more, I’ll stop walking altogether” I said to him, with a stern look on my face.

“Then I guess I just have to do… this” His grip suddenly loosened, and I was flung over his shoulder.

“Cody! Put me down!” I giggled, hitting his back.

“Nope, we need to meet up with Beth I haven’t…” He started to say.

“I know, I know” I said, sighing. “You haven’t seen Beth in almost 3 months” I finished his sentence for him.

“How’d you know?” He asked, putting me back on the ground.

“All you talk about is Beth. It’s Beth this, Beth that, never anything else. You obviously like her Cody” I told him, looking at the ground, so he couldn’t see the hurt in my eyes.

“I don’t just talk about Beth” Cody defended himself.

“Really?” I asked, putting a smirk on my face.

“So tell me, why can’t I tell you I like someone?” I asked, looking at the ground again.

“You like someone? Who?” Cody asked, jumping around like a little kid.

“You don’t know him” I lied, shrugging.

“Tell me about him?” Cody smiled, as we started walking again.

“Fine, he’s cute, sensitive, amazing, funny, cares about peoples feelings, but he likes someone else” I sighed.


As I watched a pretty girl with purple/reddy colour hair, walk closer to us I realized it was Beth. She was very pretty indeed; she had stunning aqua coloured eyes. I could understand why Cody had a crush on her. She was a lot different to me, I just had brown hair with matching brown eyes.

“Milly, this is Beth. Beth, this is Milly my best friend” Cody grinned, leaning his head on my shoulder.

“You dork” I laughed, shoving his head of my shoulder so he stood up properly. “Nice to meet you Beth” I smiled at her, not sure what to do.

“You too Milly, Cody’s told me a lot about you” She pulled me into a hug. I felt a bit awkward, but hugged back anyway. “Soooo what are we doing today?” I asked, noticing the way Cody looked at Beth.

“I was thinking, just hanging out you know” Beth smiled. I nodded in agreement.

“Sounds great” Cody turned his focus from Beth, his eyes sparking as he smiled.


“So how did you actually meet Cody?” Beth asked me.

“Well, when Cody first made a YouTube account, I found his videos and we started talking. My parents took me on holiday to Australia a couple weeks after we started talking, and that’s where I met Cody for the first actual time” I smiled at the memory. “What about you? How did you meet him?” I asked, picking at the grass I was sat on.

“I met him through Greyson Chance” I noticed how she really smiled. “I’ve known Greyson for like ever. We met when were like 5, our mom’s worked together. Anyway so yeah, I went to a concert with Greyson as I usually do, and Cody was there too” She told me, her smile slightly fading.

“That’s cute” I giggled, chucking the grass back on the ground.

“Oh crap, I’ve got to go guys. I’m going to be late for dance otherwise” I noticed Cody frown a little. He hadn't spoken much, I was talking to Beth a little too much. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow?” She asked, giving us each a hug.

“Sure” I smiled, forgetting I was jealous of the girl. “Come one, we’d better go back to the hotel” I told Cody, as I got up and started walking back. I turned around to see Cody watching Beth run off into the distance.

‘She never noticed how you stop and stare Whenever she walks by’

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