Things I'll never say

Sarah is a pretty little nerd, who lives in an almost unbearable world, but a day things change. She meets a guy, who will make her both smile, laugh, cry and scream in pain. And yet she'll love him, and hate herself for it..

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1. Prologue

Once upon a time there was a girl and not a very happy one of the kind; she got bullied at school and every night she collapsed on her bed, she cried, just cried her pain and sorrow out, till her world again seemed bearable. Then she changed to her pajamas and fell asleep just to wake up to another morning, where she had to go to school and face her classmates. Another day where she had to listen to all their evil talk and names for her, another day to get punched and laughed at.

It was at a morning, just like the one she had known so many of, that she saw him for the first time. Back then she didn’t knew that this boy would bring both extreme agony and joy to her life, she didn’t realize this before years later. At that moment all she saw, was his smiling warm brown eyes. 

And yet, his smiling brown eyes turned out to be something that she only saw very rarely the first years, but when he did smile, it made her day.

In the beginning they were friends, and his company and his very presence was the light that shoved her the way forward to a better world, but then things changed, and unlike the day she met him, the boy that should be her first love, this change weren’t for the better..

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