Love Sucks - Færdig

Melissa moves to a new town, after her parent's death. She hates her life.
Damon is a vampire, who tries to live a human life. He hates Melissa.
But why?


1. Prologue

Melissa’s point of view

A new town. A new school. A new start. I guess… But how can you start all over, when your world is already at it’s end. Maybe a little dramatic, but hey, my parents died in a car accident, I think I own dramatic. And while we’re talking about it, pain and grief. I own that too.

And it’s just because I turned 16 at the day of the accident, I’m allowed to live on my own. So I rented a room in this little town, called… okay, I don’t remember, maybe it doesn’t have a name, maybe it does, but I don’t really think I, or anybody else, cares. But, back to my new miserable life. I don’t know where to start.. So, I’ll start with some history. My history. My life hasn’t always been like this. Actually, my life perfect. Or, it feels like it now. It was probably just a life, like any other. With all the good and bad. But compared to this, it was perfect. Impossibly perfect. I was a popular girl on my old school. I was a cheerleader, and I dated a football player. I think his name was Brad or something, but it doesn’t matter. Not anymore. My friends were nice. Not to everybody, but to me, at least. And my parents were… My parents. But I loved them, and I hate to know that I’ll never see them again. That’s my past. My history. And now I’m going to tell you my story.


Damon’s point of view

I was bored. Like really, really bored. I had been bored since I started my diet. Not feeding on humans. Which make sense. No human blood, no energy. No energy, no fun.

It had been pretty easy in the beginning. But then this new girl moved to town. And I’ve never smelled something so tempting, as her blood was to me. It appealed to me. It's not like I’ve killed her. Not yet, at least. But I want to. So badly. I want her to be dead, just to take away my pain, and stop my misery.

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