A World Saviour

I dette digt har jeg skrevet et par engelske ord om verdens uretfærdigheder...


1. A World Saviour

This world needs a saviour
One, with best hero behavior
Someone like me would care for it
But unfortunately my shoulders can't bear it
If they could, I would cry for this world
'Cause once it was a shiny vital pearl
Now the difference between humans are unfair
And all the poor and hating people, are what my shoulders can't bear
I would shed a tear for those who doesn't live as good as me
And those who gets bullied, I would help stop being teased
I would ask people: "Where did the love go?"
They would answer: "It has been replaced by the cold snow"
And when will we stop fighting for peace?
Let's all get together, though we're different species
This world needs saviour, a hero
One, who's shoulders can bear many kiloes!
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