Just take my hand

ENGLISH STORY: Justin Bieber has decided to forget about career and move back to Canada, where he's trying to be the best brother to his siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, and to get back together with his old flirt, Claudia Somers.
But Claudia doesn't feel the same way at all, she's still so mad at Justin for not saying goodbye, so will it ever be them?


1. "Get over it, Claud." - Claudia

”Oh my god, I'm so sorry!” ”Watch where you're going.” A familiar voice said to me. "Justin?"  I hadn't seen Justin in like tree years or something. "Justin Drew Bieb-" He throw his hand over my moth before I finished my sentence. “OK, I know you're some fan, but please don't scream, I don't want to draw any attention. So how about I just give you an autograph and a picture and then that's that? Shall we.” “Stupid, I'm not one of your fans!” I seriously couldn't believe he couldn't remember me. “You really don't remember me? We used to be best friends, well that was before you decided to go to Atlanta without a single goodbye.” I sniffled and faked a smile. “Well excuse me I have to go, but I think Chaz would be glad if you texted him, he misses hanging out with you, and Ryan too.” I said and walked away from him.

Justin's back in Canada, yay! See that's where people normally get confused, but my twin brother Chaz and I kind of knew what each other was thinking, so whenever I wanted help, or wanted to tell him something, I didn't have to call him or anything, I'd just had to think it. Confusing? For you? Maybe. For me? I was used to it. Oh great, are you still mad about him not saying goodbye to you,Claud? By the way, hurry home! Mom's freaking out because you forgot to text her you would be running late, again! I couldn't help but laugh, why didn't my mom just call me? Tell Mom that I'm perfectly fine and that I'll be home around... Now. “Claudia Elizabeth Somers! Where in earth have you been? I was worried sick!” “Chill mom, I was at the library with Jake.” I chuckled and took of my old black converse. “So you and Jake is back on?” Chaz asked from behind me. “Stop sneaking up on me, you scared me!” I laughed and gave my brother a hug. He was in Spain with his soccer team until earlier today, because of a friendly game against some team from Madrid, and man I was jealous. I used to play soccer too, but because of a knee injury I wasn't allowed to play anymore. “Stop being so jealous because I can play soccer and you can't.” He laughed and smiled at me. “So, what was that about Justin? He's back in town?” “No that's why I said it.” I said in a sarcastic tone. “And I can play soccer!”  “You still mad because he moved to Atlanta?” “Correction, I'm still mad because he didn't say goodbye.” And because he hadn't talked to me before earlier today. I'm your best friends sister for Christ sake, I know when your hanging with him, so yeah, just ignore me... It's not like you told me you loved me the day before you left, not at all. “Get over it, Claud.” “I won't, Chaz!”

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