A day in my life.

Min første historie på engelsk. Jeg er nok ikke god, eller noget. Men jeg ville da bare prøve.

Btw; Jeg har haft engelsk i 2 år.


1. A day in my life.



''Julie? Are you ready to go?'' My mom yelled downstairs. ''Yeah!'' I yelled back, and I ran down stairs. We were moving to Manchester, because my mom got a new job there. I didn't care about it, 'cause i hated my school. The teachers didn't care about us, and didn't learn us what we needed to know. My mom said that my new school was privat, and all the kids turned out to be lawyers or doctors. My dream was to be a doctor. Saving peoples life must be fantastic. 

''It's going to be so great!'' My mom said, with sparkles in her eyes. ''Awesome'' I answered and took a bite from my apple. ''Yeah, and see Jake again! I miss him so much'' She smiled, and clapped in her hand. Jake was my older brother. He moved to Manchester two years ago. ''Me too'' I answered, and threw the last of my apple out. ''Are you ready to go?'' She asked again, and pointed to my bag. ''Mom, you asked me for... Like five minutes ago? Yes i am ready'' I answered smiling, and took my bag. ''Great'' She answered, and went out to the car. I walked down to the car, and jumped into it. My mom started the car, and started drivning to Manchester. 

After two hours driving, from Southwell to Manchester, i was very tired. Mom stopped the car outside an apartment, and smiled very big. ''Jake lives in there'' She said, and stood out of the car. I stood out of the car too, and walked up to the door like my mom. She pressed a button. Underneath the button, ''Jake High and Kathrine Johnson'' was written with a big black text. Kathrine was Jakes girlfriend. After a little while, the door opened, and Jake stood and smiled very big. ''Hi mom!'' He said, and hugged her. ''Hi Jake'' She answered, and smiled even bigger. ''Hi sis!'' He smiled, and hugged me too. ''Hi brow'' I answered and smiled. 

''Come inside'' He said fast, and walked up the stairs. We walked right behind him all the time. He stopped in front of a old door. ''Kathrine sweetie? Lock the door up'' He said, and smiled to us. ''Yeah, im coming'' She said loud, and locked the door up. ''Oh, hi Lauren, and Julie!'' She said, and smiled. ''Hi Kath'' I answered and walked inside with my mom and Jake. We talked for an hour, and got some coffee, before my mom said we got to go. 

''It was nice to have you over'' Jake said, and hugged my mom goodbye. ''Yeah, come over sometime again'' Kathrine said, and smiled. ''We will'' Mom answered, and walked down to the car, with me following her. ''We live four streets away from here'' My mom said, and drived down the street. ''Ok'' I answered, and leaned back. We drived i like ten minutes, before my mom stopped the car outside a big red house. I took my bag and ran inside. ''Wow'' I smiled, and threw the bag away from me. ''Its nice, right?'' My mom said, and smiled. ''Its freaking awesome'' I answered, and hugged her. ''Yeah it is'' She said, and gave me a big smile. 


The end :-).

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