The feeling of being hated... Jaden Smith!<3

This is an english history, there mostly is about my own feelings. But in this story, it's about a girl called Sarah (my name). She is 16, and she think her life is a hell. She don't got any friends and her brother, doesn't help in any way. He is teasing her the whole time, and she is getting thoughts about killing herself. Until she meet the mystic person Jaden (he is 17 in this story) who isn't a totally normal boy. Will he make her feel happy?


1. My feeling.

I cried and cried. I couldn't stop. My brother just teased me, once again. It was always the same. But I’d never showed him, when I cried. I was only crying myself at sleep. The feeling I had inside, couldn’t be explained in any other way, than I wanted to kill myself. I was so ashamed of myself. Why couldn’t I be popular like my brother? Why where he always after me, in everything I did? I couldn’t do anything right, in he’s eyes. Everything I did was wrong. I couldn’t say anything, without he teased me about it. I’ve tried to tell him, that I hate it. But then he’s teasing me about that. Will this ever stop? Will I have to kill myself, before he stops? I’m always letting that thought stop my inner monologue.    

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