Min kærlighed til min veninde jeg har kendte siden jeg blev født!


1. I wish I had the words to tell you how i feel!

Even if you are 100 miles away,

You will still be right here in my heart with me!

When I get sad,

I just close my eyes and imagine that,

the you were right here next to me,

 and my tears disappear!

Time doesn't matter,

I' will always love you!

But if I could choose,

I'll choose being with you forever!

Just doing the things we do,

like laughing and record movies about your chickens!

I love you mor and more,

 for every day passing by!

You are:






And so much more!

nobody can be compared to you!

Not even God's angels!

But the best thing you do,

Is making me feel

Like myself.

Without you...

I wasn't me!

And I wouldn't be any of thoose things,

you taught me!

I would be nothing!

The life I would be living,

Wouldn't be my own any more!

The real me would be gone,

like you!

So please...

Don't leave me!

Because your laughter fills me with happiness,

And you smile warms my heart!

I will remember you forever,

 Even we are dead!

Then we just sit in heaven,

Drinking tea and talk about boys.'

42 lines, 202 words, 1 meaning: I LOVE YOU HEIDI!!! <3 <3 <3

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