A normal day in Johnny Bravo's life

A short story I've wrote about our lovely Johnny Bravo from Cartoon Network! :)


1. When Johnny Bravo meets Mike Tyson

One day Johnny Bravo was walking around the mall, looking for a woman to hit up on. Or “cruisin’ for chicks” as he calls it. Out of the sunlight, he spotted a sexy and young woman standing by herself. Like the charming and straightforward person that he was, he went right up and put his arm around her shoulder and started his retinue. 


“Hey baby. What are you saying to go for a lunch with me?” He smiled.

“Mike!” the woman called. A nearby black man came up and looked obstinate at Johnny.

“Yes dear?” The man called Mike said, who was none other, than the muscular, totally fit, immortal in all ways, and he who-knows-everything-there-is-to-know-except-the-defination-of-kindness, the man himself, MIKE TYSON!

“This man is annoying me,” the lady said, who was Mike’s wife.

“Have you been hitting up on my wife?” Mike asked, glaring bullets at Johnny.

“Uh, well. S-s-s-s-sorry man. I didn’t know she was your wi-“.

Three hours of roundhouse-kicks and pain can make people think. And it does.

“Ohhhh, I will never hit up on a woman again,” Johnny said, while a beautiful lady is walking by.

“Howdy there little Missy…”


He just never learns, does he?

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