The Power Of Music

Her er en engelsk stil jeg skrev for noget tid siden. Den har titelen "The Power Of Music" og handler om hvad musik betyder for mig. Jeg håber i kan lide den;)


1. The Power Of Music

Music can make me smile, it can make me sing and dance, it can make me think and sometimes it can make me think nothing at all and just relax. Music can make me sad, and sometimes it can even make me cry. Music can say things I can’t express with words. Music can make me feel nearly everything, but most of the time it just makes me happy.

I listen to music as often as possible, and if I have got a little extra time in the morning, there´s no doubt that I would use it for listening to music. The right song, at the right time, can make my day.

I listen to a lot of different music, it depends on my mood. When things get to hectic and I need to load up, I prefer listening to Blue Foundation. That makes me relax and think, or maybe just empty my mind. Blue Foundation isn´t my favorite band, far from, but in certain situations they´re just perfect.

Normally, when I´m happy or not really am in any special mood, I listen to happy music with up-going beats or music with “strong” women like Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Pink and Taylor Swift. That kind of music makes me happy, and if I´m already happy, it can make me want to sing, but I don´t do that so much, even though I love music; I´m not so musically myself.

When I’m frustrated about something, then there is one very special song that can always make me calm down. It’s Gangways “Mountain Song”, it’s just so incredibly chill.. It reminds me of an easier and less hectic time; when I was I little girl and my biggest problem was learning how to tie my shoes.

Sometimes I listen to Jack Johnson. I don´t think I have a special “Jack Johnson-mood”, but his music makes me feel safe and secure (not that I´m not normally feel safe..). His music brings back memories from many long car-trips with my family, where we have listened to Jack Johnson. He´s one of my brother´s favorite musicians, so his music also reminds me of my brother, when he´s not there.

When I’m sad or just feeling down, I like to listen to Daughtry. Their music reminds me that life isn’t so bad after all. Especially their songs: “September” and “Life After You” makes me relax and fills me with still happiness. Once in a while, when my mood is really weird or I feel bad about something I have done, I listen to “The XX”. I don´t understand why, but it makes me feel a lot better.

Some songs have truly touched my heart, e.g. Martina McBride singing “Concrete Angel”, about a little girl who gets abused by her mom, how the people who have sensed that something might be wrong just turn their back to the problems, pretending they´re not there. She sings about how this little girl makes her way through life by dreaming of a better one, she sings that: “Her dreams gives her wings”, I find that very beautiful and very sad.  

No matter if music is sad or happy, it makes me feel very privileged over being able to hear it, that something so amazing exist is just fantastic.. I love music and it means the world to me. I don´t know for sure, what music means to other people, but I wouldn´t want to be without it.

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