Muggle on King's Cross station (HP)

A short drabble inspired by the Harry Potter universe.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter universe (obviously), or any characters relating to it.


1. 1. September

I was sitting in my own thoughts, on Kings Cross station. I was sitting between platform 9 and 10, and was hell angry on my mom, because she had dropped me of an hour before my train was even arriving. I sighed, and looked at the wall between the two platforms. Leaning against the wall, with a trolley each, stood two boys. The tallest of them had ink black hair, and a pretty face, and seemed to be about 15-16 years old. The other was at the same age, but he's hair was blond, almost golden. He had a pretty face too, but a lot of freckels, which was kinda cute. But I had no time to admire the two boys, because a man passed by, and when he was gone, so where they. I rubbed my eyes, and wondered. Where did they go? I shrugged, and tried to explain it to myself. They had of course left when I looked away, there was no other explanation. I sat back, and stared at the wall again, and not long after a girl with long brown curly hair, a boy with short black hair, and a tall boy with red hair leaned against the wall. They too had a trolley each. This time I looked at the trolleys, and the black-haired boy had a white owl, and something that could look like a broomstick on his trolley, but it had a handle, which was weird. I allowed my gaze to go to the red-haired boys trolley, and he had something that could look like a cauldron, and a ratcase on it. I shook my head. This was really odd. I shook my head again, and when I looked at them again, they were gone. I was confused. People couldn't just disappear that way, that wasn't possible. I let my fingers run through my hair, as I was wondering. I looked at the big watch, it said that it was 10:56. I sighed, my train would arrive in ten minutes. As I looked up, two girls came running, and they ran directly against the wall between the platforms. I was tense, they would crash with their trolleys. But I was wrong, as I watched they ran right through the wall, like it was the most natural thing on earth. I looked around, and nobody else seemed to notice. My heart was racing in my chest, was this reality? Or a very lively fantasy? I shok my head, I was going crazy right now, there was no way people could run through walls. I collected my things anyway, and moved slowly against the wall. As I walked, a boy came running, and he ran through the wall, exactly like the girls. I walked to the wall, and leaned against it. But it seemed pretty massive, it didn't seemes like schoolkids should be able to run through it. I ran my fingers through my hair, as I picked up my bag and began to find my platform. Eventhough I never told anyone about my little experience, I never forgot. That was the weirdest day of my life.

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