Engelske digte.. Homemade. c:

Dette er et udpluk af de digte jeg skriver i min hverdag. De beskriver mine følelser, tanker og erindringer. Enjoy? <3


1. A missing friend.

You left me standing in the cold,
My feelings they got sick.
To the dark side you've sold your soul,
You made my heart like the biggest brick.

Everyone needs friends and family.
Someone who is always there,
And someone who will always care.

But what do you do when they turn their backs?
When the certain someone never stays.
Everything is ruined, because you chose separate ways.
When you never talk anymore,
And all the others are prioritized before.
Would you just close the door?

I tried to hold on to you,
But I've realized that it wasn't for me to do.
You wouldn't let me hold on,
Therefore everything is almost gone.
You were too busy to talk to me,
And I still don't get why you couldn't see,
When I said that I missed you,
It came from the bottom of my heart,
And all I was trying to do,
was to keep us from falling apart.
But there is no "us" anymore.
I've never felt so left behind before.
'Cause I was not the one that closed the door.
You were.

© Kamilla Lynge 2011
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