Silly Silvia

Det her var en opgave vi havde for i engelsk som jeg har fået en del ros for håber i kan lide den :)


1. Princess Silly Silvia.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Silly Silvia, lived on a castle in San Diego, California. Silly Silvia´s destiny was to marry the prince from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was called Pretty Paul. Silly Silvia hated Pretty Paul, she was in love with a poor farmer son from Upalco, Utah he was called Ugly Upton. A Wensday when the princess, the king and the queen sat at the royal table eating dinner, they were at the the main course (which were tomato soup by the way) and suddenly Silvia complained and protested against having to marry pretty paul. Her mother and father could not understand why she would not marry a prince, but Silly Silvia replyed to them by saying: it´s because he is a stupid, spoiled brat, I'm in love with a farmer boy. “WHAT?!?” they king and the queen began to yell and jump up and down, while they blamed each other for the fact that their daughter was in love with a farmer boy. When Silly Silvia got tired of hearing her parents figthing, she went up to her bedroom. In the late evening someone knocked on her window, “Who´s there?” the princess whispered “It´s me, Upton” the voice answered “You came!” Silvia said “Why would I not come little princess, you are the love of my life” Upton said, “What now?” said Silvia “Well.. we could take run away together?.. but first there is some things you need to take with you 1. a gun to kill Pretty Paul with, 2.the royal table so we can go sledging in the winter snow also we have no eating table at the farm, and 3.Uhm.. yeah that´s pretty much it” , “Ok, i´ll be ready i five minutes” Silvia said and when the 5 minutes were past she was ready exactly as she had said. They were sledging away, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill down the hill and etcetera. Suddenly Silvia said: Oh rot, I forgot the gun, “Oh silly you, quick run back for it!” Upton replied, and then Silly Silvia ran all the way back up the hill, down the hill, up the hill down the hill and etcetera. Then she came back they ran up to Pretty Paul´s castle and shoot him, but they were gentle so first they asked him if he had one last word and his last word was: OH ROT, and then they shot him and lived hapily ever after.
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