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    Dear, i like mostly HOT scenes than ordinary, but you have intriguing plot of a book. Would Nike stay with Timothy or Milano? I like Milano :D But Timothy like too :D lol
    Best regards for success of your book, darling ;)
    Fateful Italian Passion
    Fateful Italian...
    Erotic, psychological, love affair novel about woman & man in nowdays (5 volumes). (18+)***All rights reserved.*** Veronica was adopted by her aunt in early childhood. She doesn't know anything about...
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    LMAO really? I have them in all my series #ITALIANPASSION :D You will enjoy it again :) I didn't tell you about Tim and Milano. You should read the story until the end :) Love xo
    Thx a ton for your wishes, dear.
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    I thought i felt orgasm :D lol Thanks for hotness! Wow!
    TRAINING THE COUGAR *warning explicit content*
    **Love Story with explicit content ** Shy thirty-something, Fifty Shades obsessive and One Direction fan Alexa, was hiding a traumatic secret from her past. As a result, she'd put up personal barriers...
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    Oh Wow! Glad I could help! LOL! There are many more scenes to come so prepare yourself! Xx
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