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I enjoy writing stories, especially out of the box stories, if you want to do a coauthor just ask, i don't bite :)

Trying to find a smile

por , Domingo Dezembro 31, 2017
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Trying to find a smile

New years, Whats so special about that??


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  • Hope Skyliner
    há 1 dias atrás Responder
    Im in the middle of writing a story and im feeling a little uninspired, so i want to see if creating the cover will inspire me again.
    Title: The Chronicles of Annabel.
    Pen Name: Hope Skyliner
    Quotes: maybe "There's no happy endings only happy berginnings"
    ideas: its the story of unhealthy relationship told through single memories, Like life in pieces sort of.' Annabel' has some quite serious mental heath issues which she tell 'emily' about which affects her greatly, so after alot of time she decides to break up with her. Also the first chapter is after its all over and the last chapter is what the first one would have been. If you need anymore detail let me know and i will email you the first/last chapter.
    Zireee's Cover Store
    Zireee's Cover Sto...
    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
  • Hope Skyliner
    há 4 dias atrás Responder
    Wait... it ends on that. Ive just spent alot of time reading it, really cool story :)
    Welcome to Emberly
    Welcome to Emberly
    What do you do when you find out that you can do things other people can't do? Simple- you wait. Eventually, someone will show up on your doorstep, tell you that you're the Chosen One, and send you off...
    há 3 dias atrás
    Thank you! And that wasn't really supposed to be the ending... I've just been taking a break for a while so I can plan how to rewrite it, I'm still going to update it in future ;)
  • Hope Skyliner

    mumbled "Hey guys UPDATE"

    há 3 semanas atrásResponder
    Ive been writing a lot of poetry recently. As much as i love it, its pretty short. I also love writing stories. Ive got one at the moment that I'm working on but its going to take quite a while before im finished. The problem being: the first chapter will be the last chapter. Also the story is me writing about my really bad nonfunctional relationship(there has been many hints about it in my other works) And its not over yet. Im working on it. And i might try writing the first chapter without having finished the story. Its heartbreaking to write. I now see it was all messed up from the beginning, but i still care about her so much. Its weird writing a story when the ending hasnt happened yet but you can still see it coming. If anyone would be intresed in reading it soon, let me know and ill get to work on the first chapter. But till then BYEEEE (also if anyone likes David Eddings please message me.)
  • Hope Skyliner

    mumbled "Going away"

    há 1 meses atrásResponder
    I’m away in Switzerland for a week and will have no WiFi, so sorry for anyone I’m co authoring or chatting with. See you guys next week :)
  • Hope Skyliner
    há 1 meses atrásResponder
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    The poems are so relatable. I wish i could write poems as well as that. In England we actually spell grey like that, so its not technically wrong.
    Goodbye, Grey
    Goodbye, Grey
    Goodbye, Grey. I'm finally free from being under your shadow for so long. It's time to let you go. I'm going to miss you even though I shouldn't. I'm a girl. What can I say? I...
    há 1 meses atrás
    That's so neat! I have a grammar fix on my laptop and every time I type grey like that, it tries to fix it.
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