Words in the wind


Written on the Wind is a book of poetry that deserves a special place because it symbolizes a journey through life, seeking to live the reality without losing optimism. Learning the art of loving poetry. And discovering the delights in which knowledge in the inserts. An author reveals his maturity and takes the reader to express their knowledge. Delighting us with a sound latent, a simple expression.
Given this poetic universe in which she writes three thematic groups can see: The reflections on the structure of the tongue, social issues and the question of love.
Let's enjoy the poetry with the theme of reflections on the structure of the tongue knowing a bit of work "Written on the Wind" that the author chose as the title of this work, expressed the need of human beings to discuss their values and feelings through words, the author sows words, so with this act humanity can reap citizenship, respect, faith and love. In the context of the work we read your anxieties, yo


1. Words in the wind


Words in the wind

Today and applause

Tomorrow forgetfulness



Write and recite

In a great melody like


Words in the wind

A joy to wake up, the lament

It is time to proclaim


Words in the wind…

Words in the wind ?

Words in the wind!

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