Summer Love


2. 1

It was a cold mornig in the summer, and i want to finish my last day on my job, make my bags and go to London. Well, that day was normal, i'm not the perfect girl, i have brown eyes and hair, i'm not to high or to small, i'm a little fat and i use glasses, you see a little, how am i. The only thing i like in myself is my eyes and my lips, in conclusion i'm not none miss universe, but i was the employer of the month on the cofe where i work, i'm an exemplar student, i don't miss the classe's, in the classes i spend my life painting an drawing, or writting. The only thing i have more than the other people is that i have a lot of problems, i more depressed than ever, i want to cry and die, but i always have a pretty smile and something good to say.

I'll realize my dream, i go to London study and work. I found a job there and is in a cofe, and i'll stay in my BFF's house.

*call on*

Me: Hey Ana. Its today, finally i go to London.

Ana: I miss you so much, you'll love London.

Me: Thanks sweet.

Ana: yesturday, i go to the place where you'll work and your partenr is too cute.

Me: yes Ana, let it be, in this moment i want realize my dreams, and a boyfriend isn't in my plans, i'm tierd to have a broken heart.

Ana: Don't stay like that, you'll find someone and your partner is too sweet and you'll like him.

Me: I hope so, no i have to go because i have to catch the airplain.

Ana: Ok, see you soon.

*Call off*

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