Patchwork of a story

This novel tells the story of Ana Carolina and Antonio. They loved each other from the first look, pray, fear drove them for about five years.
When Antonio resolves to fight for this love, death comes as a ladão and steal your dreams. And he will attempt through small pieces of its history to solve the big problem that separates him from his love. this journey Ana Carolina and Antonio the love.


1. The crime in the society of Beautiful Lakes

A huge noise that seemed to come from the depths of my soul, I woke up, confused, could not tell where I was, as the noise was coming up the stairs and into the room where I was. That's when I saw the police handcuffed me and took me in fits to the station, the door was blocked by protesters who looked at me with a gleam of hatred in his eyes multicolored. I was nearly lynched without knowing which was my complaint, after much stifled the police were able to take me the way these people.

The confusion caused by alcohol taken the night before, produced its devastating effect, a basket of cats fighting in my head, it seemed like it would burst at any time, this fact only served to increase my uncertainty about the veracity of this situation.

After the turmoil of entering that room white and silent, reminded me of a surrealist image, which I once saw in an exhibition, the soldier who brought me, threw me into the room and went looking for the delegate. This attitude only served to increase my curiosity about the subject that brought me to this situation.

When the police entered the room, was that I knew, was accused of killing the woman of my life, not that it ever has been my wife, after all she was the wife of the mayor. But in a not too distant past had held in his arms, and fear that I had recommended him away from her. And now he was determined to fight for this love, someone to take my cowardly way.

The interrogation took me almost crazy, every minute that passed was more difficult to convince the head of my innocence, white caused by alcohol, which had consumed last night, looked like a lame excuse too. I do not remember anything the night before that, but to convince the officer was another feat.

I was taken to a cell in which I was joguado, tired of the sleepless night and the interrogation slept on the floor of ice. Tired by the sleepless night and the interrogation, I slept on the floor of ice. The cold did not play very least the situation as purposeless. It seemed empty of everything and myself would like to live now without the light of his days, my modern Eve, lay dead in the city and I micróptero arrested on charges of having taken away the brightness of your soul of an angel. The world was really unjust, how could the death have embraced your most valuable asset. Away with these thoughts off my mind for that episode.

The moon suspended in the sky, hiding more than shone the sea that came rolling in caresses my feet. A few meters further, via tiny lights shining sand flush. The more we walked farther was that picture, I felt deep in the soul must achieve, and should concern the fatigue stopped me several times. I ran every step and the scene became more distant, as if the magic was now in front of her ... The bright red stained the thin crust and ash at my feet, she lay on Ana Carolina, my love of the younger years, his mother, his social position, plus the top of all that fear had been separated. And now no more would see her smile, dance, fight for their ideals, it no longer was in life. He spotted the red carpet of gray beach, a finding was brutal, her sighs no more be heard, their cries of mere silence was now, the beating of your heart, no longer speak of love. - Dead Ana Carolina, was now - dead. And the fact was, in gray stained beach. Suddenly the seagulls sing ... or was the choir of angels, who came for the soul of my angel. The choir of angels singing or screaming gulls turned, profanity, terror in the purest conception of the word. The waves of the sea, took me and brought cries of terror. The intense cold made me shiver, and the waves took me to meet her. A figure gray staining the carpet to the beach, which was not moving his eyes no longer smiled or sang or danced in the moonlight. Suddenly the landscape seemed to me known. The sea, sand and even the cabin the moonlight. Been there once, so who knows, the family's beach cottage. Well, cabin and so to say, a real mansion, built by the sea from a beach particle. Inside refinement, each object exuded an atmosphere of wealth possession and power. But what he did with the body still warm, but lifeless Ana Carolina beach hut in the Winson? The reality came with cries of the soldier, who claimed to have gotten my lawyer. Which lawyer? So I need a lawyer? The environment of the cell stinky trousse - me to reality. He was arrested for killing the love of my life! Adelia was waiting in a room, which had as its main features a table and two chairs opposite. She waited sitting accommodate me so that I could speak. - How are you? Did something for you to confess to the crime? Let's settle this once and take it from here. She told me, one of the ablest lawyers of Recife. - I do not know, no! I told him The episode of just now was very much alive in my memory, I had killed Ana Carolina? That memory brought me disgust and despair. Mainly because they do not know why her death. - I remembered everything. I told him of sopetão. Adelia heard my story calmly asked me details, asking me to repeat passages so she could write in his notebook and after all she said. - You did not kill her. I can prove it! Surprised - convinced me that maybe I have missed you something very important ... The obstinacy of old Adelia was known to me, it was she who led me to marry this beautiful lawyer, were in process of amicable divorce after five years trying to make her love, she became convinced of my inability to respond as though good friends was there to help me in a time of terror. What would have seen to Adelia said I did not kill Ana Carolina? The intelligence and insight it could kill this doubt that corrodes my soul? Adelia spoke again. - You're not really listening to me! - Listen well Antonio, if you want to get out of this unscathed. - That will sustain the history of alcoholic amnesia, no testimony will not do without me and above all not to repeat this story you told me to anybody, right? Keep track of it that would be transferred to another place, for my own safety, as well as the police less my guilt. Ana Carolina's car was found in a bristle bend in the road two hundred yards from my house, aviation also a knife inside of my property. Engaçado was the knife that I used during our dating and she was given as the lost years as it will appear lá.Além it was the testimony of the maid of the house of Ana Carolina said that my presence at night disturbing the local peace . All this led to the delegate the firm conviction of my guilt in this case. After fifteen years, my father committed a crime very similar to this in the city. To this day I feel the weight of this crime on my family, my mother was devastated when her marriage knew it, my older sister flee as a truck driver after two months shy of what happened, dropped off in another town along the highway that cut through our city, when he found she prostituted herself to live out a true sacrifice brings it home. He himself had to give up many things in order to care for the family, only medical school that had not let go. It will form when he returned to town to take care of his mother and brothers at this point will fall on the wheel of that love alive. Would love could bring me to kill? As much as this question in my head turned, the answer was always no. So why the conviction of murdering Ana Did the dream fruit off the stress of having known about his death. When I took my oath of Socrates I promised to care for life, not kill! How and why death came to take it from me. No more sweet smell of wild flowers, her hair black to play me, his hand as bold butterflies to fly over your body, resting here and there. No longer quench the thirst of your love, your presence to fill my soul. Death came and took her! A violent death, capable of torturing the soul ... No, it was a lie, that his mind had created to torture him. Why was gone, it unraveled like a bird that had fallen from the nest. His cowardice had burned in his soul every day since that will leave years ago.

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