• Skylar Black

    mumbled "The Queen’s Return- sneak peek "

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    Anguish and anger waged a war inside him, crushing his compassion and love. His jaw clenched. A glass slowly slipping out of his fingers as he swayed on unsteady feet. His heart may beat but it would never be the same again. The glass was thrown against the wall, glass shattering. Amber liquid raining down.


    She was sitting on her throne. Mahogany curls tumbled down her shoulders, meeting a cerulean blue gown. A large black diamond around her neck, surrounded by small silver ones. A sensual mouth painted red curved into a smile as she stood, holding out a hand. He reached for her. His trembling fingers grasping at air.

    “No.” He sunk to his knees. Tears glistening on his cheeks. “Come back.”
    He clutched at his heart, letting out a roar of pain.