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    So, I know it's been a while since I updated but I've been focusing on another story as I thought that 11 would be easy to write. I was wrong; it's quite a hard chapter. Mainly because in the original version, it was actually from Balt's POV! Also, most of this chapter will be new content as the original differed in various ways. I'm about 664 words into the chapter, and I kinda know where I'm going with it :-)

    I will say this though, it's almost impossible to come up with slurs for angels :-( I can't actually think of any and it's SO annoying (so, any suggestions would be awesome!). On the bright side, once the chapter is done, we'll have hit 30K words! WOO! As an apology, please enjoy the excerpt below from 11:

    Black encompassed her vision. Judging by what her gut was screaming at her, she knew that the black aura was not good.

    The man moved his face close to hers, their noses practically touching. The smile was still on his face and he moved it back an inch, still studying her. The smile, she noticed, extended further than she’d thought and it was definitely not from his lips. A raw, bloodied scab ran from the edge of his mouth up his cheek, almost touching the little triangle on his ear.

    “I see the rumours were true.” His voice grated on Ariel’s ears and made her want to grind my teeth. “Your friends kept a delicious meal away from me.” A finger, slick with something ran down her cheek leaving residue behind. Ariel’s breathing harshened, coming out in short, sharp pants.