Mumble Debates: leaving movellas :(

  • nialler2002

    mumbled "leaving movellas :("

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    OMG! I haven't been on here in forever! I am SO sorry if you have been waiting for updates.... but I'm sad to say that I will most likely not be returning to movellas. SO much has changed since I last came on here and it's amazing! well done to the movellas team! I will, however continue to pursue my writing passion on Wattpad. If you have a wattpad or want to make one my user is fireproof_nialler on there. I don't update as much on there but my stories have gotten better since i started writing. i really hope you've all enjoyed my stories that I've written in the time I've been here. I'm sad to go, but you can always read my Wattpad stories! I still love you all so much! thank you for making me proud of myself and my writing! Love you my crazy mofos!-
    há 4 anos atrás
    Iz leavin too even tho u are my only follower��