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    mumbled "...you want to know about me?....."

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    I'm Amaimon, a demon King.

    real name; Ace
    pronouns; She/Her/They
    sexuality: Pansexual/Asexual
    Favorite things: @[Oh Deer I'm Queer] , Ao No Exorcist, Mephisto, Amaimon, Sweets, Books, writing, drawing, dancing
    hates: some seafood, mushrooms, bullies, ext
    comments i like to make: Sexual ones/wtf am i doing at this point in my life
    random actions i do; Bows for no reason and messes with fingers
    personality: shy but loud when you know me
    online personality: HeLl FuCcIn YeS bWiCh (in otherwords im way to outgoing lol)
    Job i want: Writer/artist/chorographer
    what i suck at; Any new(or old) fandoms people expect me to play
    Fav anime characters: Mephisto, Amaimon Yukio.
    fav fandom(s) atm: An No Exorcist/Hazbin Hotel.

    ~More will be updated~