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    mumbled "Nonoononono (it's a rant I'm warning you now and I swear if a bot responds Imma kill this computer...not really)"

    I swear there a higher chance I might get covid19. So some staff member of my school- which is small like smaller than an average highschool around 40-50 students in a grade- tested positive and did not go to school since wednesday but we all had to leave yesterday and can't come back until we get a negative test. I always heard those tests are painful. What a pain. But the thing is if we test now and then we are negative and come back monday and on monday we get covid because it did not spread until monday or some other day than we get more people to have covid and the process starts over again. It is just bad. Like I don't want to get covid not because of the disease being spreadable and deadly, but because people will act stupid about it and I can not do virtual school. Like how you expect me to learn algebra 2 online? Thankfully all my teachers been there in the last two days, but what if a student who been around that staff member went around me...That would mean I been second hand exposed. Most staff been there that I was around. And nobody but the school's bored knows what it is. Jeez I'm ranting. Yesterday we were on hold in second period and which is math which is fun. I mean spending time in math all day until around 11ish 12 is fun. Actually it wasn't that bad the teacher played music and me being mean was mentally singing along it wasn't until there were only three of us I actually sung aloud. But that is besides the point we didn't even know why we were being hold until like 11-12 around 3-5 hours I'm not sure. SO yeah if I do get it I am screwed for my classes. According to most cases the younger you are the more mild it is, or it depends on your immune system as well. If you have a good one it will be mild, if it not good at fighting it might be worse....Even if I do get a positive or not I probably be doing online for a few days anyways, but yeah this is what I am going through. Life is so great. And covid19 is so overrated. I know a person who got covid it was like a simple cold you sometimes get here and there, and then their mom got it and it was like the flu, and their uncle got it and it was really bad. But they all survived. I know this other person whose grandparents got it and they survived. This is what is happening oh wait it's it literally 12:41? I've been writing since like forty minutes.
    oh noooo, thats horrible!
    6 days ago
    That's horrible. My school is just had 45 football players get in quarantine bc most of them tested positive for covid. Another girl I sit beside got covid tested today. If she comes back positive I'm gonna have to go into quarantine and do virtual. I also don't want to do virtual. I know a couple of kids who've had it and were fine. I know that one of my friends friends got it and they died. I guess it just depends on your immune system. If I get it it could be bad cause I have asthma as well as my brother, but the rest of my family could be fine. IDK. Good luck.