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    mumbled "Storys i may do"

    Mephisto x my oc (most likely red)
    Mephisto x my oc x amaimon (red)
    Yukio x my oc (Yellow)
    Mephisto or amaimon x reader (red)
    Creepypasta x oc/reader (yellow/red depending on who you would want)
    bts x reader/me (Yellow, maybe red idc/idk)
    IT adaptation Story
    VG and friends x me (Yellow, ill say what chapters maybe red)
    Sally Face x Oc (Yellow)
    Beetlejuice (the musical) X oc
    Hazbin Hotel x reader/oc (yellow possibly red for gore)

    If there is anymore that you would like that i know, please say so in the comments.