mumbled "To the story that started it all.... PREDATORY"

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    Predatory was my first official release on movellas. The story was written by me, but any pictures and illustrations and promotions were by Brodie's keen artistic eye. I am super proud of it being a 30 minute read, and also was seen up on trending for 4 months after it's release. Many people have enjoyed it, and it has the most reads and likes of all my work. It has almost been a year since I released it, and Im going back and reflecting on it. Those fans who have already noticed the link between 'Predatory' and 'ultimate predator' are super excited to see what my new project is about, but Predatory is one of my fav stories I have ever written- so for those who haven't finished it or want to see my first ever story: I'm dropping the link to it here
    PREDATORYShade has hospitalised a boy in her school, kissed a girl who she doesn't know, and is dealing with her mental health and sexuality at just fifteen years...