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    So I don't even know why I was away for so long if im honest, Ultimate Predator was the [project I was on before I left, and I plan to finish it but I don't want to set myself a release date. AshWays took the main bulk of this year's writing time, and is my proudest story so far. I plan to return to 'concept novels' after UP, I just love linking poetry and narrative and quotes together: all different forms of art that link together and relay a secret message or story. UP will take its time. I must admit: AshWays did probably burn me out: after months of planning, writing and editing pictures as well as social media promotions and even managing to get Rain on the project! xD But Im back and ready to take my time with what I have to offer :)
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    About time ��
    Rain :)
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    Welcome back! ♡
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
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    WB... ya JUST gotta stay focused and committed to your craft. If you QUIT, you accomplish nothing. I can bet ANY of the great pro authors had a bad day or week writing... They hung in and did something else until they could go back to it and finished what they started. Just hang in with that and you will figure stuff out if yer stuck... also asking for help here, or even a group where PRO authors and published authors hang out, can help you if ya ask... Just don't quit... i would really like to read the results... the blood sweat TEARS and sleepless nights you put into it. It does give you an accomplished feeling... :-)