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    I don't think this is really something I should do, but I made changes to both published chapters of my Superman story.

    I corrected some errors I'd made in chapter 1, I think might improve the flow and maybe made it a bit less confusing..

    With chapter 2 reading it I realised I'd made a mistake with part of it that didn't work with chapter one, I think it works better now I've changed the part I didn't like and now I've made it a prequel to chapter 1, still I will probably go back and rewrite them so they run consecutively it could be confusing if I keep them.

    I've added some stuff to chapter two, now there's more stuff said between Lara and the two who's help she is seeking.

    I don't know if anyone else does that or if I should have unpublished before making changes especially if as not sure I've finished with the changes.