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  • Jade Wolffe

    mumbled "Hey all"

    I'm still alive. I forget to check movellas very often. It just doesn't cross my mind. When I do check my inbox, I'll send a message then leave and forget to come back. I feel so bad. I still don't know about the computer situation. My dad says he's going to talk to a guy he knows though work to see if he can take a look at it since he's their companies it guy and he builds computers and stuff. That sounds fishy "I know a guy," but it'd not I swear. So yeah I'm still not going to be typing. I've only just yesterday sat down and hand written a paragraph of something. If u can get something written they typed in my phone, maybe someone can borrow my account and post it fir me. Idk. But I have to go back to work now. I'll holler at you later! Hugs for everyone.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    *hugs jaders
    5 days ago
    Welcome back
    Rain :)
    5 days ago
    Hey girl! Don't worry about it. Its nice to hear from you when I do anyway! Hope you get on good at work. Hugs for you too. ♡
    5 days ago
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    Its cool bud.I haven't been on in a few months either so its cool.Anyways I hope work goes well for you.Hugs for everyone