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    mumbled "JIMIN AND JEONGYEON DATING?!?!?!"

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    I laughed so hard watching this. at first I was triggered at the title because 1. I really don't like Jeongyeon from twice (twice fans idk what to say to you, but I think she is annoying. I may be wrong, but it's my opinions sksk) 2. Both their hairs were blue. HAVING THE SAME HAIR COLOR MEANS NOTHING.

    when you watch the video it is the funnies minute of your life. Please enjoy :)
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    @[Zireee] the video is so funny
    1 months ago
    @[Zireee] me too, lol, this goes against the jimin hates jeongyeon video - they aint dating, but yeah, i can see why this would make you triggered, me too..