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  • Kixi Rajki
    2 months agoReply
    KnM Blade Part 1 fixes complete as well as KnM Blade part 2 complete. Just waiting now for eBook format editors to finish and fix the proper formatting for the 2 parts (which will be separate books with separate covers) so can upload proper published versions on Smashwords. Mine will be a premium catalogue (thus why like with I Love You And You Love Me, I’ve paid a professional company that does this for Smashwords) which will then distribute my books on Apple iBooks, Kobo, Amazon etc etc just like with I Love You And You Love Me. These books will also have an ISBN.

    Note: The KnM Blade series (for Smashwords publication) is known as KnM Blade In Destiny’s Way here. I Love You And You Love Me, Beyond Seduction Deceit
    betrayal and any other future novels outside the main series are spin offs from the KnM Blade universe.

    I’ve now also decided to hold of Part 3 of KnM Blade until later in 2019 so can finish and publish Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal and also start and finish 1 or 2 smaller novels based in the same KnM Blade universe.