Posted by Kixi Rajki

  • Kixi Rajki
    1 years agoReply
    Umm nice. I'm considering giving you a picture of my girlfriend and me to draw. Btw how do you stick images into a movella ePub book?
    Jem Wakefield
    1 years ago
    Hiya! I noticed you favourited my drawing book, so I was wondering if this was directed at me? If not, sorry, I'm just nosy XD
    Basically, if you want to put a photo up you can add it to a mumble (there's a little green 'add photo' button in the bottom-right), or you can put it in a book by clicking on the 'upload image' button in the top-left of the chapter you're editing. Then you just follow the endless layers of pop-ups until you can upload the image. Hope this helps!
    Also, thank you for the follow! I'm having some weird issue with my follow button otherwise I'd follow you back. :)
    Kixi Rajki
    1 years ago
    It was. Yes directed at you. :-)