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  • Selm

    mumbled "What story?"

    10 months agoReply
    I'm gonna try to get started, but i have two ideas and I'd like to work with one at a time, so please write which idea you liked:
    The Ritual: In a medieval scene, young girls are sacrificed. (And theres gonna be a story...)
    (No title xD): In our time all 'adults' dissapear and teens and kids has to survive in our world without them (And theres gonna be a story.. Just dont wanna spoil ya know, same with the other one)
    10 months ago
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    Go with the ritual one! Not just because the second one sounds an awful lot like Gone by Michael Grant but also because I love me some dark demonic bloody stuff. If you write the ritual I'll 100% read! :)
    10 months ago
    Okay, awesome! Thanks for your comment! I'll be looking for Gone in the librarys :P and will start writing the ritual soon.