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  • nataly :)

    mumbled "where to find me"

    2 years agoReply
    im not that active here. idk why im just not, its a ghost town here. you can find me other places where im most likely active.

    instagram fan account: carelessdan
    instagram personal: bandsxnat
    wattpad: carelessdan
    kik: exoticmalik
    twitter: blushydjh

    if you are going to follow me on any of those, please comment down below which social media your following me on and your username. that way, i can follow you back :) thanks
    The Girl Who Waited
    If you see a request from a llama, that would be me :) XD
    The Girl Who Waited
    oh and that's instagram XD
    nataly :)
    2 years ago
    @[The Girl Who Waited] I had no idea it was you!! i dont have my phone right now but as soon as i get it, i will follow you back :)