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    mumbled "Stolen."

    Any scars?: Yup. Quite a few. (I was a clumsy child)
    Self harmed?: Yeah
    Kissed anyone?: No
    Coke or Pepsi?: Coke
    Someone I hate: Keely Donnelly.
    Ever been in love?: Not really.
    Last time I cried?: Um. A few weeks ago.
    Favorite color?: Black, Red, Blue, and Lavender.
    Height?: 5'4
    Birthday?: May 5
    Eye color?: Blue/Green
    Hair color?: Brown
    Obsession?: Music and Books
    Do I love someone?: @[Fangirling Expert]
    Nickname?: Kai
    On Movellas: Casey
    Favorite song?: Forest - Twenty One Pilots
    Worst thing ever?: Racists, Homophobes, Assholes in general
    Ever dated anyone?: Nope
    Worst Mistake?: Giving up on *a certain person*
    Ever Lost someone?: Yeah...
    Food I hate?: Onions
    Favorite movie?: NEMO
    Am I okay?: At the moment, I guess
    Am I in a relationship?: No

    @[Evan R.J] @[Cāngkù Shísān] @[Fangirling Expert] I tag you.