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  • Georgia W

    mumbled "New roleplat"

    2 years agoReply
    @[Lozzie-san] @[Willow Angel] @[Brookestar] Heres the roleplay

    Georgia W
    2 years ago
    Me: I want to join!

    Kakashi: *Sweatdrop* Its not a club. You can't just join.

    Me: *Anime cries* Owwwww
    drops_of jupiter
    2 years ago
    Me: naruto you look like a fool sometimes

    Naruto: you sound like sasuke

    Me: well he's right sometimes

    Naruto:.....*seconds of silence... SONE OF A B***CH

    2 years ago
    Me: *Randomly walks in* Hey guy, no need to fight here
    Georgia W
    2 years ago
    Me: Guys why the hell are you fighting?! Stop this!

    Lozzie: Tell asshole to stop then!

    Me: *Sighs* Maaannn, Kakashi?

    Kakashi: *Still glaring at Lozzie.* What?

    Me: *Walking up to him and reaching out to quickly slap the back of his head.* Stop being an asshole.

    Kakashi: She's normally on my side! What have you done?!

    Me: Just because I'm on your side most of the time doesn't mean that I don't think you're an asshole sometimes. *Pats his head and walks back over to Lozzie.*
    Georgia W
    2 years ago
    Lozzie: *Whisper shouts* Don't give me that look! Anyway, I know that you stole his book!

    Me: *Whisper shouts back.* For target practice later!

    Kakashi: What is it?
    Georgia W
    2 years ago
    Me: *Smiles sweetly* Don't worry about it!

    Lozzie: *Sticks her tongue out at him.*