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    Hello everyone!
    I have decided that I wanted to start a Fanart/Fanfiction contest to see what you can come up with!

    So! Many of you have read/ are reading the stuff I’ve written and I wanted to get you all involved. And what better way to do that than a contest! (It doesn’t have to be my stories that you use if you absolutely do not want to read them)

    Anyway, I'll get to the point now...

    I want YOU to draw some fanart from your favorite part of any story or a part you want to happen!
    You can also do a comic strip of your favorite part/ of a quote that you enjoyed and what you would use it as (Create your own story thing.)

    I want YOU to write something you want to happen or the continuation of some part that I either left out or didn't put in.
    You can also take a quote that you liked and your favorite ship and make something from that!

    Must be sent to me on any of these that you chose!

    Tumblr - Egobangarooni
    Instagram - Patty_Stumpkins (or Egobangaroooni)
    Wattpad - the-bandlife-choseme
    Kik - The_Bandlife_ChoseMe
    My Email -

    (They can be posted anywhere, not just here!)

    Winners will be announced on - May 28th
    (Will be extended if needed)

    I will be choosing winners for the following catigories!
    Most Creative!
    Best Idea!
    Best Comic!
    Best Fanfic!
    Best Art!
    (others may be added, just ask)

    If you have any questions message me on any of those accounts I listed above!

    Winners will get shoutouts


    story/art of your choice

    physical copy of High Up/ Lilac Sky/ Brightest Stars (when they are finished)


    (Send me what you think I should also send out/do)

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    I'm honestly surprised by the number of people that are into this ��