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  • Bill_Cipher

    mumbled "Sorry"

    3 years agoReply

    Sorry that I'm never online :-(

    I just can't find the inspiration to write as much as I did. When I do write, I make them as big as possible and it takes forever. I do have school, guys. Now days is just getting to much to do and I'm constantly busy, I need to work hard if I want to get into uni.

    I'm trying, I really am.

    Bu at the moment, all my books are out of order. Except Twister, I will counting to update that.

    I am writing a lot on my wattpad, so feel free to follow me there.


    Bye ����
    barefoot blonde
    3 years ago
    Hiiiii! I missed you. Hope you're doing well in school
    3 years ago
    Keep up the good work in school <3