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    Okay, I have no idea if this is the right way to do it, but I can't see another way? (Literally hopeless at this sort of thing and if it's wrong I blame you @[gloreearh] )

    For those of you who are reading AFFG, I want to apologise for the reaaaally long wait - I had no idea how to do this chapter. I know what I want to happen (it's following the original, almost) but I couldn't get the words down! (Also, I FINALLY had a little bit of inspiration for another story on my Wattpad account that I've been updating, AND one story I'm writing - hoping to come out soon - I've managed to do about 6k words so far! Just starting the third chapter!)

    But I am writing it at the moment! I'm in London, staying in my boyfriend's accommodation, and I'm steaming my way through the chapter, finally! Admittedly, I'm only 200 words in, BUT STILL! Hopefully, it should be updated by Monday (that's what I'm aiming for), but I do have a little bit of a busy week ahead :(

    But thank you all for the reads, the favourites & the likes and just thank you all for reading A Fall From Grace. It's the second story I ever wrote, and getting a chance to re-write it and share it again is just a wonderful thing to do!

    3 years ago
    seeee, i was right!