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    There are 7 billion people in the world spread out through many countries. Social media connects us to people from different nationalities around the world. So when an issue appears online that it may seem like everyone has it when in reality, probably not that many do.
    There are people who will go through life and never encounter an issue such as mental health issues. Good for them. Other will go through issues such as Anxiety, Depression or anything else. They are fighting their demons, going through their personal hell and that takes strength to fight your own mind everyday. Keep fighting.
    Mental health should be talked about and maybe more people than a few years ago do have mental health issues because until recently it was a taboo subject or seen as a crazy person thing. It is not, mental health should be taken seriously as people die.
    I am fighting my own demons; mild/moderate anxiety and two other issues. Recently they left me with a scar. I am not proud of it at all and actually hate it. Not for attention, which that phrase being used for the issue is in my opinion, stupid. No I felt like utter crap, sleeping on a few hours sleep, crying everyday and wanted to give up when it happened. It is currently hidden beneath my sleeve and I certainly don't show it off. Reading helps me to escape my problems even just for a bit. The happiest I have been in two weeks was browsing through a bookshop.
    So don't say "everyone these days has depression." Reality is some won't but those that do are doing their best when times are tough.
    I don't usually rant but had a hard and emotional week so this happened.
    3 years ago
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    Hey, this is really 100% right. If only more people could read and understand this...

    Also, I hope you're doing better; I don't know you, but from this I can tell you're strong and amazing. Keep on going :)