• Luna Ookami

    mumbled ". . .Watching the darkness sallow me whole. . . "

    3 years agoReply

    You know over time people say that whatever you're feeling doesn't matter? How depression is nothing and to just get over it? Well we can't just get over it. . . It's been with us since forever and it feels like everything we do is a failure and we aren't good enough. . . Sometimes we just give up and just lay down and let it consume us whole and we lose our selves. . . It doesn't matter? We are waiting to be found and to have a hand to be there to pull us up and a person to just be there. Not asking those stupid questions "Oh are you okay?" or "Do you want to talk about it?" no just no. We want somebody to just hold us and to not say anything just let us cry without getting judged or asked what's wrong. If we hadn't said anything about it then we're not going to say anything now. . . We just want people to be there and to give us a smile. . . A reason for us to keep going. . . that's all we want. . .