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    If anyone knows any empowering, thoughtful or just interesting quotes based around the theme of being yourself, facing challenges, learning about the world, that kind of thing, then I would love to hear from you! I'm hoping to work on a story this summer and, if possible, I'd like to have a quote for each chapter. I am also looking for song lyrics for the same reason, so I'd love to hear about those too. Thank you in advance!
    Anna Gracelyn
    2 years ago
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    Have you tried Wikiquote? It's an awesome little site which holds quotes in all sorts of ways, such as by theme :).

    My music taste is still largely the same as it used to be, but if you're looking for a rocky tinge my suggestions would leave you with, Linkin Park do quite a bit I think you'd be interested in (try Debris, Dedicated, and Carousel). Also, while very different to their usual, take a look at Sing by Hollywood Undead. S.I.N.G by My Chemical Romance may also work.
    I haven't tried that, but I'll check it out, and I'll take a look at those songs too. Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it!