• Samantha Leane

    mumbled "!!News about New Girl & Wattpad Update!!"

    Hey everyone (: So after reading over New Girl, I decided to redo it and basically edit the chapters and add stuff and take stuff out and try to make it better! So yeah, I've been working hard and I don't if you guys will get an update about the chapter but I just wanted to let you guys know (: and I am now on Wattpad ! :D my name is sammy_whitt_6214 and have published New Girl on there and I will be publishing a new book on there pretty soon and then I will publish it on this website after Fight for the Title is done ^~^ so yeah, that sums that up (: i wanted to update you guys and let you know what's going on ^~^ I love you all and talk to ya soon!
    ~Sam <3