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    mumbled "...IDK. I just need help."

    I had told my mom that I want help for my depression and eating disorder that is rearing it's ugly head again. HOWEVER SHE DIDN'T ACT HAPPY THAT I AM TRYING GET HELP AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. So how should I handle it like she is telling me that I run away from my problems or just go with it?
    Sad thing is that I am trying to eat but between Friday's MAJOR BLOAT episode ( I was debating weather or not to go to the hospital) to now's tummy problems That my stomach is refusing everything since I haven't ate much the past few days to get rid of said bloat...
    3 years ago
    What type of eating disorder do you have?
    3 years ago
    Because Bloating isn't a disorder.
    K.s Nightshade originals
    Anorexia out of fear of being fat and not knowing how to handle the bloating.