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    I guess you need an explanation on where I've been? You probably don't, but I feel it might be needed...yeah. Well, I was sorting some things out with one of my friends (it was very stressful, so I didn't have time to do any sort of internet thing), I'm not sure if I mentioned him, but we were arguing and we wound up falling out and not talking to each other for three and a half weeks, fun. (SARCASM !!!!!!) Anyways, we're friends again so it's fine. I'd gone to Finland (my dad lives there) for about two weeks, then Sweden (where my friend lives) for a week, then back to Australia (where I live) and I've just been ill. I have attempted to log into my account but just haven't been inspired to write :( so hopefully I'll start getting inspiration soon because it's been ages since I last updated, wow. I love you guys so much for staying with me through my chaotic life in the past months. You're amazing.-sage
    4 years ago
    Do you have a kik or a snapchat?
    4 years ago
    I do but I wouldn't really be willing to give it out on the internet. I personally like to keep my very personally life (such as important personal information) out of the internet.