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  • DimpleDrummer

    mumbled "Bye for now :p"

    hi everyone
    as you can see from the title i'm leaving for awhile (not that you care)
    everything right now is not going well and i need to concentrate on what matters most (school)
    i will not go into detail whats going on but all i have to say is that ive cried everynight for the past 3 or 4 weeks (i don't really know and ive stopped caring)
    until i get my mentally unstable self together I will be offline
    goodbye for now .-.

    Teya Renae ❤️✌️
    bye Lily, I'll miss you. just stay safe okay?
    Bye lily❤️ we will miss you❤️remember we are here if you ever need to talk❤️
    4 years ago
    Good luck, take care of yourself ��
    6 months ago
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