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  • Kate Renee

    mumbled "Peppermint Gum"

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    "Steven," I mumble. "Pass me a piece of that peppermint gum. My breath smells of weed."
    "But, I have a piece in my mouth, Anna. Why waste when we can share?" He tilts his head and moves it closer to mine, and I reach in towards him. Our mouthes collide and it's like a million little pieces of dandelion fuzz are tickling me. He feels sweet and cool, and his lips seem to numb mine. His tongue tastes fresh like peppermint and I play tag with his tongue so I get some of of the scent on mine. But, it's not even because I want to smell like peppermint. It's because I want Steven. An hour ago, I didn't even know who Steven was. Funny, isn't it? All because he didn't want to waste a piece of peppermint gum.