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    Yes yes yes i haven't been on in an eternity, but exams are over, woop! I'm going to spend the next month reading whatever the heck i want and going through Hannelore to prepare me for Camp NaNo next month, hoping to use it to kickstart part 2 of Hannelore :D
    I've been pretty awful at actually reading movellas i said i would read for a couple of months, so if i've said i would read something, please link it here because i probably forgot! I'm happy to read anything at the moment :)
    Summer is so close! Just a couple more days till i have to go back to school, then half term then freeeeddoommmmm :D
    Hope you all are having a great time, and hopefully i'll be on more often now!!
    P.S Movellas is sending me to an early screening of TFIOS tomorrow evening! Holy crap on a stick! Lovin life x
    ~Hunter Rose~
    5 years ago
    Hey! I missed you!
    Could you possibly check this out, leave a Comment-
    Bellissimi DragonsScar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an...

    - Hunter Rose xx
    5 years ago
    Hola! Glad to be back :D
    I'll check it out after school tomorrow ^_^
    5 years ago
    ParanoiaMy name is Larxene, and I am an orphan. You want to know more? Oh don't pry. Don't say I didn't warn you..

    Could you check this out and give some cc please?
    It'd be appreciated ^.^
    5 years ago
    No problemo :)
    5 years ago
    Hi! I noticed you're an ambassador and I was wondering if you could help me improve on my newest movella by reading it and maybe leaving some CC? Of course if you don't have time, that's completely fine! I just figured I'd ask! :)
    I Won't ForgetI look at him, his blue eyes, his brown hair. Claire has that. He smiles at me, a little smirk, enough to make me want to run back into his arms again....