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    mumbled "'Sometimes things have to go very wrong, before they can be right' "

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    'Sometimes things have to go very wrong, before they can be right'
    Best describes my life before I met Sam. I'll probably never tell him this but before I met him, I don't think I had ever felt the cold floor of rock bottom. I don't think I ever hated myself as much as I did before him. I just basically didn't want to continue trying, or talking or even making friends and moving on from the pit of adolescent state of pure sadness that I hadn't really experienced before. I genuinely felt useless. My reflection spoke nothing but the hatred I felt inside towards everyone and myself. I could've ripped myself apart, and it wouldn't of hurt, nor would I had been scared.
    But Sam was that light at the end of a never ending dark tunnel. He was the stairs from the bottom back to the top, and because of his help and love, I making my way upwards. I've gained an insane amount confidence back. There are just no words that could sum up the beauty and wonderful exciting feelings he's given me. I guess the terribly cliché thing to say about Sam is that I love him. :') 28/08/12

    'Life is exciting if you want it to be. Life is worth living.'
    5 years ago
    I'm glad you met Sam.. and wish you all best of luck.. Happy valentines day for the two of you!
    5 years ago
    Aww thank you! Hope you had a lovely valentines day aswell!