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    Okay idk how to use a mumble thing but can you all go check out wrist like paper real quick? The girl that stole the idea of that story had did a mumble thing about me saying how I wasn't mature for deleting her comments so I commented on it, and she deletes them? xDxD I find that soooo funny. I knew she would delete my comments so I took pictures:3 They're post in Wrist Like Paper. I want to add on to Wrist Like Papers (my friend said I could) but not on here. So if you want to keep reading it, comment your kik and I'll kik you what website I'm using now. Alright that's all I gotta say!:DD
    7 years ago
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    Wow! That is SUCH a mean thing to do!!! There are loads of Movellas with the same title as mine, but I don't go and dis their stories. And if you look, her story is NOTHING like yours. And btw, it's heaps better than yours will ever be. There is no need to be so mean to her about this.